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Basic Concepts of Allergy Treatment


For chronic allergic diseases, no matter what they are, the treatment includes the following three components.

Avoidance of allergens: (mites, smoke, molds, foods, drugs, etc.)

Drugs:  Available in inhalers(MDI), tablets, capsules.

Rescue medicines
•  Beta-agonists(for asthma)
•  Theophylline(for asthma)
•  Antihistamines(for rhinitis)
•  Decongestants( for rhinitis)
•  Anticholinergics(for asthma and rhinitis)
•  Epinephrine(for anaphylaxiss)

Controller medicines
•  Steroids(asthma, rhinitis,etc) 
•  Long acting beta-agonist(asthma)
•  Anti-leukotriene drugs(asthma)
•  Cromolyn (asthma, rhinitis)
•  Nedocramil(asthma)
•  Combination of Steroid MDI and long acting beta-agonist(asthma) 
Please do not be afraid of using steroid when necessary! 
Many studies have shown that steroid inhalers( MDI) are not associated any long term side effects. On the contrary, most adverse outcomes such as ER visits and hospital admission are associated with the lack of steroid inhaler use.

Allergen Injection Therapy:
To manipulate the immune system into decreasing its allergic tendencies in the long run. Allergen shots have been shown to be effective for many patients with allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, especially during the early phase.It can improve the condition permanently.

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