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Pregnancy and Allergic diseases


The effects of pregnancy on asthma have been extensively studied. However, they vary from one individual to another. The following is the rough estimate of the outcome.

  • 1/3: Asthma worsens
  • 1/3: Asthma does not change
  • 1/3: Asthma improves.

The pattern present during the first pregnancy tends to repeat itself during the subsequent ones.

The allergy drugs are classified (see below) according to their tumor-producing effects on the fetus.

CPositiveNot done

During pregnancy, the category A and B are preferred. The C drugs can be used if A and B drugs are not adequate for treatment and the potential benefits outweigh the risks.
Listed below are the classifications of commonly used allergy medicines

Steroid inhalersPulmicortVanceril, Azmacort, Flovent
Oral steroids Prednisone, Medral
Anti-leukotrienesSingulair, Accolate 
BronchodilatorsBrethine, AtroventProventil, Albuterol, Ventolin, Serevent. Foradil, Slo- Bid, Theo-Dur
Combination drugs Advair
AntihistaminesBenedryl, Chlortrimeton, Claritin, ZyrtecAtarax, Allegra, Clarinex
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