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Environmental Control Measures

Call 1-800-9-POLLEN for mold/pollen count 

Dust mite control

  • Encase mattress, box-spring, pillows
  • Wash bed linen in hot water(130F) setting of the washing machine
  • Remove carpets and put wood, tile or linoleum on the floor
  • Avoid heavy curtains. Shades or vertical blinds catch less dust
  • Avoid clutter, stuffed toys, dust catchers and upholstered furniture in a bedroom
  • Avoid air turbulence caused by fans and forced air heating. Cover hot air vents. Use radiant space/room heaters in winters and AC instead of fans in hot weather
  • Clean surface with a wet cloth instead of dry dusting.
  • Use a well fitting face mask with filter when cleaning and stay out of the room for 1 hour after cleaning
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter or multi-layer bag for dust containment
  • Avoid excessive heat and humidity which helps dust mites to grow

Mold Control

  • Check for mold in bathrooms, basements, closets and behind heavy furniture in North facing rooms during rainy weather. Use dilute bleach solution to clean and spray with Lysol to prevent mold growth
  • Do not keep live potted plants indoors
  • Do not allow foods or produce to get moldy
  • Fresh or dry flower arrangement and potpourris can have mold
  • Avoid heat, humidity and dark areas which encourage mold growth
  • Damp shoes and clothes, if put inside closets without dry, can have mold growth
  • Avoid collection of dead plants /leaves outdoors. If present, either use a mask when clearing them or get someone else to clear it

Pollen Control

  • Avoid exercising outside during daytime in high pollen season
  • Keep windows and doors closed between 4 am and 4 pm
  • Closed bedroom door and start HEPA filter 1-2 hrs before retiring

Dander Control

  • Avoid having pets you are allergic to. Next best measure is to keep the pet out of the house/bedroom/carpets and furniture
  • Have someone else do the grooming, feeding, and walking of the pet. Washing the animal once a week with plain water decreases shedding of dander
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